! Attention

● Course registration method is the same for bachelor/undergraduate and master/graduate, but the registration period is different. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information.
● Students cannot take courses in professional & specialized graduate schools such as Graduate School of Urban Studies, Graduate School of International Studies, School of Law, etc.
● Please note that each course has limited spaces for students, and this course registration is based on “first-come, first-served”.
● You are strongly advised to use Chrome only. Other browsers like Firefox, Safari or Opera are not fully supported.


1. Find Your Student ID

In order to do course registration you need your Hanyang Student ID number. You can find your student ID on top of your online application page form. It is a 10-digit number starting with a 9. The link to the online application form was shared by email to nominated students only. Students who have been at Hanyang since last semester can use the same student ID. The password for course registration is the same with the one you used for online application

2. Log in

Now that you know your Student-ID and Password, you can continue to the course registration page.
● Make sure you click the English language flag BEFORE login. (right top corner)
● Click Login (right top corner)
● Fill in Student-ID + Password and click on Log-in
● Course Registration Link: sugang.hanyang.ac.kr

3. Find Courses taught in English

Click on “Course Registration” in top menu, select “English-only Courses” and click on “Search”. This will generate a list of all courses taught in English. If you would like to filter Major English courses only, please select “Major Courses” and select your preferred major.

4. Course Description and Syllabus

To view the course description, please click on the “Course Code”. To view the syllabus, click on “Course No.”.
● Desired Course List
You can add courses you wish to take to the “Desired Course List” by clicking the “Add” button on each course. It will make your course registration a lot easier and faster. Please be aware that this is NOT actual course registration. You can access your desired course list through the top menu.

5. Course Registration

During course registration period, you can click “Register” directly from the course list, or directly from your desired course list. Keep in mind that this button does not appear outside of your course registration period.
Behind the “Register” button you will see 3 digits. “Enrolled” shows the currently enrolled number of students. “Max no” indicates the maximum number of students. And “Ideal no” shows how many students added the course to their desired course list. Make sure that under “Detailed info” the course should be marked as “Lecture in English“. If not, the course is taught in Korean. You can view your registered courses and cancel your registration under “My Current List”.


Course registration in Korea might be very different than what you’re used to. Please follow instructions carefully and read through the following tips. Also, please have a look at the calendar to see when your exact course registration dates are.

● Course registration is very competitive due to limited seats. Course registration is done based on “First-come-first-serve”.
● For quickest course registration, add courses to your desired list, and register exactly at the moment your course registration period begins. (Some courses will fill up within a minute)
● Course registration works with the following browsers:
● Windows: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Chrome, Firefox
● Mac: Safari, Chrome

If you have any questions or are experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at exchangein@hanyang.ac.kr