The student’s academic performance is assessed according to four different criteria: Exams, assignments, attendance, and class participation. Hanyang University’s academic regulations state that class attendance of at least 70 percent is required to earn a passing grade. Each professor, however, may prefer a different attendance policy, and in such case, students should follow the professor’s guidelines. Generally, course performance is graded based on this scale.

Letter Grade Numerical Value Grade Point
A+ 95 – 100 4.5
A0 90 – 94 4.0
B+ 85 – 89 3.5
B0 80 – 84 3.0
C+ 75 – 79 2.5
C0 70 – 74 2.0
D+ 65 – 69 1.5
D0 60 – 64 1.0
F 0 – 59 /td> 0.0

Credits at Hanyang University

The credit system in Korea might be different from what is being used in your home country. At Hanyang University 1 credit equals 15-16 contact hours. In most cases the conversion to ECTS is as follows: 1 Hanyang credit equals 2 ECTS.

Credit Transfer

The transcript will be mailed to your home university by email. It can be expected approximately one month after the end of the semester.
Unless agreed otherwise with the partner universities, all credits obtained during the exchange semester will be transferred to your home university. Keep in mind that some universities require certain classes or subject which need to be taken in order to transfer the credits.

Transcript Request

For additional transcripts, please contact, both the digital copy(PDF) and the hard copy are available.