About Program

Exchange students are coming to Hanyang University under the exchange agreement between Hanyang University and their home university.
Exchange students do not pay tuition to Hanyang, but to their home university. Exchange students can study at Hanyang University for one or two semesters.

Students who are nominated by their home university to study at Hanyang University as an exchange student will receive an email with application instructions.
Without this nomination, students are unable to apply.


Spring Semester Fall Semester
Nomination Deadline October 15 April 15
Application Deadline October 30 April 30
Semester Begins March September
Semester Ends June December

Eligibility & Prerequisites

• Must be officially nominated by their home institution through Hanyang’s form
• Must completed at least one semester by the time of nomination
• Cumulative GPA (grade) should be over 60%
• Language Proficiency


Application Procedure

Step 01  Official Nomination from Home University
Step 02  Online Application
Step 03  Announcement of Acceptance
Step 04  Certificate of Admission
Step 05  Visa Application

Required Documents

1. Color ID Photo
2. Passport (needs to be valid 6 months after returning from Korea)
3. Official Academic Transcript
4. Language Proficiency Form
5. Financial Affidavit
6. Health Insurance Certificate
7. Certificate of Enrollment
8. Additional documents can be required according to applicant's nationality


All foreign exchange students need to obtain D-2-6 visa for their studies at Hanyang. D-2-6 visa is a single-entry visa and it will be valid only for 90 days after student’s arrival in Korea.
Therefore, students should apply for an "Alien Registration Card (ARC)" to extend their stay to complete the program and to allow themselves to travel to other countries if needed.
Students cannot leave Korea until receiving FRC. Leaving Korea without FRC will result in cancellation of the visa and the visiting student program.

• Before student arrives in Korea
Need to apply for D-2-6 VISA
• After student arrives in Korea
Need to apply for an Alien Registration Card with the proper VISA.